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Profitstradezone Binary Options let you turn the power of market volatility in your favor across a wide range of active markets with the dynamic, short-term trading opportunities.

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Trading involves risk. It wouldn’t be exciting if it didn’t.

binary options diagramThat’s why we offer a revolutionary approach to trading for the active short-term trader with Profitstradezone Binary Options.

Profitstradezone Binary Options are financial instruments that turns every trade into a simple question: will this market be above this price at this time.

If you think ‘Yes’, you buy. If you think ‘No’, you sell.

With you controlling the risk, binary options offer defined risk and clear outcomes before you place your trade.

No matter your skill level, Profitstradezone Binary Options provide all the excitement you can handle combined with all the control you need. We give you the flexibility to consider multiple time frames, hold contracts to expiration, or close trades early to lock in profits or limit losses.

As with all our unique contracts, you control your risk with a maximum defined risk/reward on every trade.


Regulated by the CFTC
Thousands of contracts traded Sunday-Friday
No brokers or broker commissions


Why trade Profitstradezone Binary Options?



Controlled Risk

Risk defined at the start
of the trade


Limitless Trading Opportunities

No pattern day trader rule;
trade as much as you want


Short-Term Contracts

Trading intra-day, daily or weekly
provides unique opportunities


US Regulated

Chicago based CFTC
regulated exchange


Active Markets

Small market moves offer
big opportunities



Simple yet powerful
trading instrument



Practice trading binary options with a Profitstradezone demo account.


Get familiar with our platform or test new strategies – You’ve got $25,000 in practice funds waiting!

You can open a Profitstradezone demo account with us in minutes. It’s quick, free and everything is accessible online.

After you register, you get unlimited access to explore our platform. That way you can dig into every aspect of trading with us and learn more about the powerful environment we built for short-term traders.


How much does it cost to trade binary options?


The fees on each side of a trade is $1 per contract per order.

When the binary option contract settles, there is a $1 fee for in-the-money contracts and there is no settlement fee for contracts out of the money.

We worked to make our fees as simple and straightforward as we can.

That’s because we are serious about letting you open an account with us in minutes, understand the costs, and start trading as soon as you are ready.


Type Total Fees
Entry or Exit Before Expiration

$1 trading fee per contract

Trade Expiration (In The Money)

$1 settlement fee per contract

Trade Expiration (Out Of The Money) No settlement fee


** If the per-contract settlement payout is greater than $0, but the total fee to be charged for the position exceeds the total settlement payout for that position, Profitstradezone will reduce its fee to the amount of the total settlement payout for that position (that is, Profitstradezone will not charge a settlement fee that exceeds a settlement payout).